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25.11.2010 13:13 Alter: 9 yrs

External JSON and XML API

The latest caretaker SVN contains a reading API to provide status informations for external services.

To use this new feature you have to check eid.enabled in the Extension Manager. If you do so you will have to make shure that only authorized systems cann contact the eID.

Afterwards you simply call the URL:

You can add more informations by adding these parameters:

  1. addNode=1 : add Node Informations
  2. addResult=1 : add Node Result
  3. addChilden=1 : add Childnode IDs
  4. addTestStatistics : add the IDs of all Tests groupd by state and count the numbers of each state group.

To define the result format just add format=json or format=xml to the request. We are looking forward to see what you will do with this API.