About Caretaker

Caretaker is an observation system for TYPO3 providing the possibility to observe instances of TYPO3 from a central point. The system is based on a client-server architecture where everything is configured and monitored on a central server. Administrators are able to define a wide range of different tests and to assign them to all registered instances. The results are accumulated and displayed on the server.

Including the basic functionality known from other system monitoring software, we intend to add the following features:

  1. Monitoring of several TYPO3 instances brought together in one TYPO3 installation (Caretaker Server)
  2. Testing and monitoring of remote servers
    1. Ping test
    2. HTTPtest
  3. Testing and monitoring of remote TYPO3 installations (core, setup and extensions)
    1. Check TYPO3 version
    2. Checktheexistenceofanextension
    3. Find unsecured extensions
    4. Checkbackenduseraccounts
    5. Find and get a record
    6. Password quality test
  4. Flexible and comfortable management of tests and instances as TYPO3 records
  5. Hierarchical structure in the caretaker overview (instances → assigned tests) with highlighting problematical instances
  6. Tests and instances are able to be organized in groups
  7. Perform scheduled tests in user-defined intervals
  8. Information service via email if a test fails with an error acknowledgement
  9. Optional customer interface (frontend) with basic status information (for interested customers who want to know more about it)
  10. Secure communication of several instances (TYPO3 systems with installed caretaker instance extension)
  11. Output of charts to track trends in test-behavior 12. Log for storing results and general information about tests that had already been carried out 13. Problem output as summary for failed tests
  12. Caretaker works read-only on instances
  13. Extensibility of the whole system.